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We are in a profound moment in time and space as we witness our collective shift in evolution. Everything is changing. Together we are building a brand new reality. We are expanding beyond our humanness, becoming one with our higher selves and merging into a whole new frequency and way of being. 

Ideally, shifting into love and oneness would be quick, easy and simple but there is incredibly deep healing to be done. We have been existing in a paradigm of separation, lack and limitation for thousands and thousands of years. 

Energetically speaking, there is a lot of energy coming from outside of the planet that is assisting this change as well as the frequency shifts from within the planet. As beings of this planet, we too are experiencing these changes. 

There are many modalities that can assist us in these times. Reiki is one that has been a huge facilitator in my own personal healing and growth, and this is my invitation to all of those who study with me. The system of Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers in the body and when used as an ongoing practice, can support practitioners in navigating their way through these shifts in the collective, both internally and externally. 

Reiki For The Times™ is a course that been designed with Spirit for the times that we are in.  Together we will explore, learn and practice tangible ways to integrate Reiki into our every day lives. 

Together we will: 
  • Explore the Level One Reiki teachings in a safe and judgement free space.

  • Learn to work with Reiki as a tool to support ourselves during these intense and demanding times in our evolution.

  • Take a look at how Reiki came to be what it is today. This includes exploring Japan's Indigenous peoples, WW2, the occupation of Japan, and the aftermath of Pearl Harbour. Together we will discuss how these events may have shaped the Reiki that we are learning today and what role capitalism and colonialism played.

  • Learn to work with and cultivate awareness around working with energy.

  • Practice and experience hands on Reiki healing.

  • Discuss and explore more of what is happening energetically and how we can navigate our way through with a decolonial, anti-oppressive approach, for our highest good.

  • Explore the history of Reiki and discuss how we can honour its roots.

  • Examine the five foundation components of Reiki.

  • Practice the Reiki Level One symbol, mantra and meditations.


$1222 is the investment for this course and includes all materials, one on one calls, and 33 hours of training over 6 weeks. Tuition can be paid in full or partial payments may be arranged. If you would like to discuss a payment arrangement, I invite you to connect with me

Please be mindful when enrolling as refunds are not issued. If students have opted for partial payments, certificates will be made once full payment has been received. 


No experience is required for this course. I ask that students come with an open mind and an open heart, ready to deepen their relationship with self and sit with what it means to learn and cultivate a Reiki practice. 

What You Can Expect

  • A 6 week journey into the Level One Usui Reiki teachings exploring how we can work with them to support the change taking place on the planet.

  • 6 classes, 2 hours each, live on Zoom.

  • An honest approach to how Reiki became what it is today in the West. This includes exploring Japan's Indigenous peoples, WW2, the occupation of Japan and the aftermath of Pearl Harbour. 

  • Students receive a total of 33 hours of training and practice. 12 hours in class with 21 hours of home work spread over the 6 weeks. (This works out to 30 minutes of daily practice.)

  • Exploration and reflection into how we can be a part of the Reiki community today, honouring how Reiki came to be whilst acknowledging that colonialism and capitalism both had major parts to play. 

  • Case studies are a mandatory component of this class and must be completed in order to receive certification. A total of 5 case studies are required for completion.

  • Materials are included. This consists of your Reiki Level One training manual (mailed to you); your Reiki Level One Certificate (mailed to you after completion)

  • 2 Reiki attunements. A Usui Reiki L1 attunement and a Holy Fire® Reiki Placement (both in class, via distance Reiki).

  • We'll explore working with Reiki for personal self care and emotional wellbeing. 

  • One-on-one calls with me as needed plus ongoing support and online resources.

  • An invitation to monthly online Reiki circles (only for the student community). 



Or | Toronto

Clare is honestly the only person I would study Reiki with. Her teaching style is deeply spiritual and deeply human at the same time - there's a depth to her work and a reverence for the lineage and practice of Reiki, balanced with a warmth and sense of humour that made the classes fun.

Kit | Toronto

Clare is exceptionally gifted in the art of listening to life’s rhythms. A master percussionist, if you will, of sustaining beats that speak of heart, earth and soul. Learning from her to tune into the flow of the creative around me has yielded a more harmonic balance in my life.

Smiling Model

Juanita | Toronto

Being a Reiki Master is something that Clare was born to do. Her enthusiasm and passion for Reiki made the Level 1 course a powerful, spiritual experience. Reiki is a tool that provides me with a new appreciation of myself and I am so grateful to Clare for sharing it with me. 

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