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Join us for a Special night of
Meditation and Conversation
as we delve into the
Mother Wound!

Friday May 19th | 7pm EST | Sliding Scale

This has been a year of feeling into the Mother Wound. Working with the Mother Wound is ancestral work, it's communing with the inner child, it's re-parenting ourselves and it's the deepest kind of healing. 

As we are birthing a new dawn, the Paradigm has shifted and the roles we once attached to relationships, especially to those we call Mother and Father have also shifted. We are in a new paradigm of an increased emotional range, new ways of giving and receiving love, new ways of being as we are less and less tolerant of the old narratives that define the relationship to our Mothers.


Within this beautiful container of Grace, Clare and Natoya will hold space for community while sitting in conversation with some important questions that explore Mothering and the wounds that have left an imprint on our Lineage.

  • How do we take responsibility for collapsing loops of poverty, worn out belief systems and fear based ideologies that no longer represent the new world we are creating?

  • What is the Legacy we are creating that is unlike anything our Lineages have ever seen?

  • How are we bridging a New Way in how we represent Love within our Lineages? 

  • Is your Mother Wound hemorrhaging? In what ways has it spilled into areas of your Life? How you raise your kids? How you love yourself? How you show up in the World?


Join us for a Special night of Meditation, and Conversation as we delve into the Mother Wound!

Your Facilitators


Natoya Hall

Teacher & Ascension Guide

A Messenger, Ascension Guide and Teacher, Natoya is here to guide those seeking to ground and make sense of their Spiritual journey. Natoya has the gift of “Seeing” and “Sensing” energies as they pertain to the rise in consciousness and the recalibration of the Human body. Her path and purpose are to awaken the Masters to their most authentic, empowered form of self-expression so they may navigate their realities and timelines from higher consciousness. To learn more about Natoya, visit her website.


Clare Kenty

Coach & Reiki Teacher

Clare is a space holder and asker of questions. She has been coaching for almost 10 years and teaching for over 20. Clare considers herself to be an Aquarian born for these very times. Clare teaches Reiki from a historically evidence-based perspective with a decolonial lens. Her intention with this work is to create ripples of awareness and healing that span beyond the individual and shift communities and the collective. To learn more about Clare, visit her about page.

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What You Can Expect From Mothering The Mother-Wound

  • To be witnessed and held in a sacred container.

  • Space to reflect on how we move forward creating legacies and showing up in love within our lineages.

  • 2 hours in sacred ceremony.

  • To be guided in meditation.

  • A recording of the meditation. The conversation portion will not be recorded. You will receive the recording within 48 hours after the ceremony. 

Mother Wound Tickets

We believe in community care, accessibility and balancing that with sustainability. This event is offered on a sliding scale with that in mind. The higher end supports financial accessibility so that those with fewer resources are able to attend if they are called to do so.

The sliding scale is $55-$111 CAD. The regular cost of a ticket is $75.


  • Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a friend. 

  • For those in Canada, e-transfer is available. E-transfers can be sent to info(at) with "mother wound" in the message. 

  • We are offering 4 access tickets (of no cost) to folks who are Indigenous, Black, trans, gender non conforming, or disabled. Connect with Clare to request a ticket.

The Mother Wound



Thank you for registering for Mothering The Mother Wound. All of the details will arrive in your inbox shortly. See you there!

Registration for this event is now closed.

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