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Holding Space
and Witnessing
The All That Is
In Community
Honouring The Ripples
Of Our Evolution

Sunday March 26th | 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT | Sliding Scale

Moving through the portal that is birth into the initiation of mothering is profound in so many ways. It is a transformative journey that requires space to process, time to integrate, community to hold and witness us, and acknowledgement of the sacred.


We've been cracked wide open and a whole new version of self was born. How on earth do we "bounce back", or "go back" to anything when absolutely everything has shifted?

Let's gather, hold space and talk about it.

Gathering because we are definitely not alone.

Holding space for the evolution and all that encompasses. 

Talking because being witnessed and seen in our truth is deeply nourishing.

So we gather. Not to fix or advise, but to honour the ripples of our evolution as they expand into all parts of our lives. 

In this 2 hour experience you will:

  • Be seen, witnessed and held in a sacred container

  • Have the opportunity to share, intentionally with heart-led honesty

  • Receive space and time to reflect

  • Be guided in gentle meditation

  • Receive a recording of the reflection/meditation part of the event. The conversation will not be recorded.


What You Can Expect From Mothering

  • Space. Space to be, to listen, to speak, and to reflect

  • Intentional, honest, heart-led conversation

  • Guided reflection, breathwork and meditation

  • 75 minutes of conversation, 30 minutes of quiet time

  • A recording of the reflection and meditation. The conversation portion will not be recorded.

  • An honest, intentional and heart-led community of mamas and birthers

Registraton Form

I believe in community care, accessibility and balancing that with sustainability. This event is offered on a sliding scale with that in mind. The higher end supports financial accessibility so that those with fewer resources are able to attend if they are called to do so.

The sliding scale is $30-$60 CAD. The regular cost of a ticket is $45.


  • Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a friend. 

  • For those in Canada, e-transfer is available. E-transfers can be sent to info(at) with "mothering" in the message. 

  • I am offering 3 access tickets (of no cost) to folks who are Indigenous, Black, trans, gender non conforming, or disabled. Connect with me to request a ticket.


For thoughts on accessibility and sustainability visit my blog post Thoughts on a Heart-Led Business Pt One




Thank you for registering to Mothering. All of the details will arrive in your inbox shortly. See you there!

Registration to this event is now closed.



Thank you for putting together this special event and for just being YOU. So grateful for your support.


So beautiful Clare! Your events are created with so much care and intention. 


Such PURE-HEARTED and genuine facilitation. BEINGS OF LIGHT. We are so grateful for you! 


Clare's presence was empowering and touched my heart. Her intuition and openness towards what we needed was the perfect guide through this intimate journey.


What a wonderful exploration this has been! Every detail was designed with our spiritual well being in mind. The workshop's progression felt organic, with full permission to act and speak from a vulnerable place... A truly transformative experience.

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