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8 Tips for Transitioning Times

It can be days, weeks or even months before we recognize that we’re in a period of change. We can sometimes resist change before we accept it and that can take ages. When change occurs there can be a push/pull feeling and emotions surrounding experiences long forgotten. Without realizing it we may even reach towards our coping mechanisms to help us deal with the unrest within us.

It takes a willingness to look within in order for us to continue on the path to healing. It’s not always easy, doing this inner work often means confronting past pain but once we've shown up, witness our truth and surrendered, the healing can take place and we we make room for more of what is in alignment with where we're heading. We also make space for miracles and gifts from the Universe. I've gathered some tips from my own experience that have worked time and time again. They aren't the whole solution but they may offer you something that helps along the way.

  1. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION To surrender, to feel, to be in all you feel, to do what you're guided to and to receive whatever you need be it love, compassion and/or healing.

  2. DO THINGS YOU LOVE Go back to your childhood. What did you spend hours doing? What brought you excitement and joy? Do those things. It’s important to tap into that childlike essence and bring joy in this time of transition.

  3. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE IN A TIME OF GROWTH I like to call times like these growing pains. It won’t last forever and once you’ve make your way through the challenges you’ll be a more evolved you when you’re done.

  4. OFFER YOURSELF COMPASSION AND LOVE You may find it difficult to be at peace during a growth spurt. You might go through periods of anger or frustration and maybe even act upon it. At times like these it is important to give yourself compassion and love rather than judgment. Nothing good comes from beating ourselves up.

  5. REMEMBER TO BREATHE As simple as it is, it makes everything more calm. Breathing. Deep and slowly. Being one with your breath enables you to be present. Mindful breathing allows you to connect with your body and reduces stress too.

  6. YOGA & MEDITATION Take the time to check in with your body be it through yoga or meditation. Yoga allows you to not only check in with yourself (which we all need sometimes), it stretches your muscles and forces you to connect mind to body while giving you a work out and relieving stress.

  7. SAY THANK-YOU You, beautiful, awesome you, work harder than you realize. Our society teaches us to judge before we give ourselves credit. Try giving gratitude before being judgmental. After we enter a state of gratitude we don’t feel the need to judge. When looking back, rather than criticizing our past actions, say thank-you. Give thanks because what we did or didn’t do then got us to where we are now, and we’re pretty friking amazing. Without our pasts, we wouldn’t be the fabulous, magical, unicorn selves we are today.

  8. CONNECT WITH SACRED TOOLS What are your sacred tools? Whatever assists you in your magic and divination work, call upon them to support you as you move through this transition.

No matter what, it can help to remember that this is part of the cycle and while society would rather have us ignore, suppress or deny the truth of our experiences, it's healthier and more often easier to move with all aspects of our cycles and show up no matter what.

I send you love on your journey.

C. xo


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