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Clare Chats to Christine Pensa on the Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast

Episode 128, Clare Kenty, Reiki For the Times, Evolution as the Yes, And…

My guest in this episode is the divine Clare Kenty, a pioneer who has developed a teaching called, Reiki for the Times, Not Your Average Class. We talk about how everything is evolving and how her Reiki offering is really meant as a “bridge into where we are going.” As Clare says, we are not just talking about Reiki, it’s really about the—yes, and…

Her joy around the teachings of Reiki began when she felt she “knew” the work during the first class she attended. The way Clare teaches Reiki now is to offer a non-hierarchical, de-colonized space for each individual “student” to understand and explore the energy. She shares that the phrase, for the times, is really about asking—how can we honour the genesis of this “beautiful modality” and work with it side by side allowing it to blossom into whatever its evolution is going to be?

Our conversation unfolded and we explored our current evolution as humanity. Clare shared her perspective on straddling her being in a beautiful human vessel and the expansive all-ness we are—and the challenges of hovering between that and this very oppressive system that hooks into us. It’s an invitation to look at how we have been doing things, and as Clare says, begin to “question everything” and open ourselves up to choosing a different narrative. In particular, an invitation to question the ways we have agreed to devalue ourselves.

If there is no wrong, how do we release old scripts—or, as Clare says—how can we unsubscribe from the narratives that have been part of our human learning experience. How to let go of what we are ready to move beyond, because we are at a point now where we are longing the joy of co-creating and bringing into the material world our next evolution—knowing all paths are leading us to Source.

In this human journey, all perspectives are valuable, worthy and needed. As Clare shared, “The system was not designed for liberation. We’re going to have to liberate ourselves…so how about we take back our choice and choose differently.” From my perspective, I think that is how the world evolves into a heaven on earth.


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