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My Personal Reiki Journey

My healing journey began long before I found Reiki and like many parts of self discovery, started with a catalyst.

After years of anxiety and months of ongoing depression my moment of realization came when I caught myself in the mirror and didn't recognize the person staring back at me.

While this may not seem like much, what followed was several epiphanies about how I had been living my life. The ways in which I numbed my pain with substances, the toxic habit patterns and relationships. All of the ways I had misdirected my anger, grief and hurt. The way I had been living my life had left me completely disconnected and unable to see myself.

That was the catalyst that changed everything. I set a very simple intention, I wanted to be happy and content from the inside out so I could be in a room with nothing other than myself and be fulfilled.

Little did I know the journey that was to come.

Before I crossed paths with Reiki I travelled the world, explored many aspects of healing, reignited my excitement for life and reconnected to my magic. When Reiki found me I was already practising energy work and had launched my integrative health coaching business. There was something about Reiki and my Reiki Teacher that sparked such excitement and joy that when invited to join a class, I leapt at the opportunity.

Immediately after my level one initiation (called an attunement in Reiki) aspects of my life began to shift. I remember connecting most to the feeling of channelling and using life force energy to support myself and others. My Reiki journey began and level one was potent but in level two I soared. I have always felt that I could move through time and space but now I had a method. Not only did it excite the Aquarian in me, it also gave me the opportunity to heal the wounds of my past. We often tend to function from these wounded places until we are able to witness them and love them into healing.

Reiki became one of my most essential tools when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I would go as far as saying that the experiences Reiki facilitated changed how I navigated our last days together, his passing and how I showed up through my grief. In a distance Reiki session with him I saw and felt our soul to soul connection.

It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Moving beyond the humanness of our relationship I felt the most pure expression of love. No suffering, no past (ours was complicated), no pain, just the purest form of love.

My intention from then on was to honour myself and our soul to soul connection. I flew to London (UK) shortly after, I gave him Reiki, supported myself with Reiki, and even offered Reiki to the circumstances. Knowing in my heart that he was going to transition, I asked that it be a passing of ease and peace.

Six days after I returned home, he passed. I saw him cross over as I sat meditating, waiting for my Reiki Master attunement. Again, beyond time and space, there was no suffering, grief or pain, only the purest love. He looked healthy and happy as he let go of me and my brothers and went to his mum and dad, they were waiting for him.

Using Reiki in moments like this has cultivated a very deep connection and personal practice. I work with Reiki every day. Beyond the energy healing, my Reiki journey has become a spiritual path. It is no exaggeration to say that Reiki has changed my life. I rarely experience moments of depression or anxiety and in stressful or triggering situations I know what to do to bring me back to my centre. In combination with other healing techniques and therapies, I am able to create well-being and promote ease in my life. When there are invitations to go deep and do my work I am supported as I do so.

It is this invitation of healing, growth and transformation that I offer to my students. This opportunity is not a quick fix, it requires accepting responsibility for our own healing and the role we take in it. It requires a commitment to improving ourselves and dedication to an active practice. It takes energy, time, patience and diligence, but the possibilities this work promises to deliver is limitless.

The magic is that surrendering to the process takes you on a journey of your own becoming and invites you into a world of possibility.

C. xo


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