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What is Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki (originally known as the Usui healing system) is what has made its way around the world and facilitated incredible change for almost 100 years. While Reiki is Universal Life Force, the divine energy in all things, the healing system of Reiki offers us a system of techniques and practices, (principles, values and all sorts) so that we are able to work with Universal Life Force.

As we come to integrate a Reiki practice into our every day lives we cultivate a relationship with energy that has the capacity to change our lives. While Reiki is a healing modality, it can become a valuable spiritual practice.

Usui Reiki is typically taught in three levels (though this can differ depending on the lineage). Each level builds upon one other and teaches the student different skills and techniques.

The level one teachings include Reiki history, principles and ethics, basic hand positions, and it introduces the student to working with Universal Life Force. The first degree (level) is meant to cultivate a strong Reiki practice. Without practice (and a diligent practice at that), none of the other teachings are able to develop and create impact. Note that what a diligent practice looks like for you is totally up to your own creation. In level one of Reiki For The Times™ we spend time exploring how we can care for ourselves (moving beyond the culture of "self care") incorporating Reiki into our every day lives.

Level two goes deeper and includes Reiki healing via distance (remote healing) as well as techniques for balancing and harmonizing energy and emotions. In my course Reiki For The Times™ we explore protection, clearing and we also move through applying distance healing to ourselves.

Moving through time and space allows us to be able to offer healing to past experiences and doing this for ourselves can often be a game changer, it was for me. Level two also explores the many ways we can apply Reiki including addressing inner wounds, detrimental habit patterns and addictions.

Level three brings it all together and teaches the student how to share the Reiki teachings with others and pass on attunements (initiations). I find at this level, it's important to reflect on what it is to be a Reiki Master. The title is just a word without right action. The Reiki For The Times™ Master Training explores what it is to be a Reiki Master and a leader in these times of great change. We cover the importance of being trauma informed, inclusive (through action, not just our words) and we move through how we can share Reiki while honouring it's roots in a way that is aligned with who we are as practitioners and change-makers.

Usui Reiki has really evolved since it’s conception in 1922 and it’s incredible to see how Usui Sensei’s work has impacted the world.


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