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Warriors of Light Webinar

It was Ascension Guide and Spiritual Journalist Natoya Hall who received the message from Source to gather the Warriors of Light together and create an offering for the collective. Here, she tells the story;

"When this vision came to me one night I knew we were stepping into something profound. I felt it in my bones that there was a shift that was about to shift our World. When Source came to me and said to "gather the Warriors because now we were needed”, I knew my steps were to be guided to create this profound Webinar. We have been getting ready, rehearsing, practicing and polishing up our skills; remembering who we were. We were “made” for these times! I knew exactly what Source meant because this was the same feeling that came over me at 18 years old and I knew without knowing that my life was forever going to change. I am proud and honoured to

be a guide, healer and teacher here. But something deep within me feels like I was meant to create this Council. Our Spirit Work will always be our Work but How we show up within the Collective to assist, heal, dismantle and bridge a new reality by BEING in this reality first is how we teach. When Mother God said call your Warriors, every single one of these women came up. Tribe. There was no thinking just images of these warriors in their Star Bodies, standing in formation with Thousands of others. I knew without knowing that I was gathering a Tribe of Ancient Healers and Teachers. I was gathering the Warriors Of Light."

Make yourself some tea, grab your journal, light a candle and breathe for a moment. The webinar is 3 hours and we go deep, so get comfy and make sure to integrate afterwards. You're welcome to connect with me and share your thoughts and experiences.

The Warriors of Light are;

Spiritual Journalist and Master Healer Natoya Hall

Filipinx rooted Spiritual Guide and Healer Jen Maramba

Life Energy Healer and creator of The Movement Key Josie Houpt

5D Astrologer, Teacher and creator of The Temple of Cosmic Astrology Katie Emma

Psychologist Dr Jennifer Mullan of Decolonizing Therapy

Intuitive healer, facilitator and our moderator Cian Bianca

Plant Medicine Person and Naturopathic Doctor Jacqui Wilkins

and myself Reiki Teacher Clare Kenty

This Warriors of Light Webinar originally aired on Sunday April 19th, 2020.

Future Warriors of Light events can be found on our website

Make sure to take time and integrate after this. Integration is an important component after energy transmissions like this. Here are some tips on how to support yourself from the Warriors of Light Council.


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