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Becoming a Reiki Master is more than assuming a title. It's making a commitment to your Reiki practice, continuing to learn and evolve. It's a commitment to BE a reflection of the transformation that one can experience with Reiki.


The Reiki For The Times™ Master Training is an in depth program, offered with the intention of creating Reiki Masters that are passionate about empowering their students and community in a radical way. The world needs change-makers. The world needs us.

Intentionally, we move through all three levels of Reiki teachings, exploring how we can offer them to our communities, we also learn how to deliver Reiki attunements. We take our time reflecting on what we want to offer as Reiki Masters and as teachers. Please know that you are able to choose whether you want to teach as not all Reiki Masters are teachers. While the Reiki For The Times™ Master Training will absolutely equip you with the skills and resources you need to teach should you choose, it is not mandatory that you then go on to share the Reiki teachings if it does not align with your path. 

Beyond sharing the Reiki teachings, we explore who we want to be as leaders and what it means to be a Reiki Master in these times. We do our work as we explore how we can be decolonial, anti-oppressive and trauma-aware. We hold space for all that comes up and in community, we support one another in our work. As we lead by example, this is important. We also invite Reiki Master guest speakers to join us and share their experiences. Together we create community, hold one another accountable, witness each other and support our collective growth.

This journey will help you to align with your own purpose and share that purpose with the world in a way that is yours.

Together we will: 

  • Intentionally explore all Reiki teachings in a safe, supportive and judgement free space.

  • Learn to share the Reiki teachings in a radical and empowering way.

  • Apply Reiki to support our deep unlearning, deconditioning and decolonization work so that we can show up fully and do the work that is being asked of us.

  • Reflect on who we want to be as Reiki Masters and how we can make this offering uniquely ours.

  • Deepen our spiritual and Reiki practice so that we can be examples of the magic of Reiki.

  • Discuss and explore the current times and how we can be leaders that drive this evolution forward.

  • Learn, heal, grow and evolve in community, one that holds us accountable, witnesses our wholeness and supports our journey.


Students must have received their Reiki Level Two training (and certification) at least 6 months prior to beginning this Reiki Master training. Students that have not worked with me previously will be asked for a copy of their level two certificate.

What You Can Expect

  • A 6 month experience that takes you through the journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.

  • 12 classes (every other week), 3 hours each, live on Zoom.

  • Learning how to teach in a radical way as you share the Reiki teachings and offer attunements.

  • Students receive a total of 108 hours of training and practice. 36 hours in class with 72 hours of home work spread over 6 months. (This works out to 3 hours of Reiki  practice per week.)

  • Reiki Master guest speakers who will share their experience and journeys as Reiki Masters. 

  • Case studies are a mandatory component of this class and must be completed in order to receive certification. A total of 18 case studies are required for completion.

  • Materials are included. This consists of your Reiki Master Teacher training manual (mailed to you); your Reiki Master Certificate (mailed to you after completion).

  • 2 Reiki attunements. A Usui Reiki Master attunement and a Holy Fire® Reiki placement (both in class, via distance Reiki).

  • One-on-one calls with Clare as needed to support you in your journey, plus ongoing support and online resources.

  • The option of additional support by receiving one on one distance Reiki sessions with me, gifted to current students at 50% off.

  • An invitation to monthly online Reiki circles (only for the student community).


Cassidy | Toronto

Clare is exceptionally gifted in the art of listening to life’s rhythms. Learning from her to tune into the flow of the creative around me has yielded a more harmonic balance in my life; I have been able to cultivate calm and gentleness while developing my strength of will and endurance to face the day-to-day. 

Jessica | Toronto

Clare, I just wanted to say thank you for creating both an open & grounding space to explore this transformative system of healing. Your energy is enlivening, Your spirit is generous & accepting. Things haven’t been the same since, in all the right ways.

Jordan | Toronto

I am so sad this class is over. It has given me such a gift. There was some real magic of connection that surpassed time and space that was so important for me. THANK YOU for creating this container, holding it, guiding us, sharing your wisdom. I witnessed that anything could be brought into this class container and held with grace.

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