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Clare is a truly beautiful soul. Her love and light radiate. The thing that most impresses me about Clare and all of her work, is the non-judgmental and welcoming spirit she embodies. She meets all of her clients where they are without projecting judgement. To work with Clare is to truly have your own personal cheerleader. She is a constant source of positive energy, love and hopefulness. I highly recommend that you consider working with Clare. I imagine that you will gain far more than you expect. 

Derrika | San Francisco

My soul is in a deep state of gratitude for being a part of Clare Kenty’s Reiki Mentoring Hub. This was my second time experiencing the magic of the group, and I truly cannot verbalize what it has meant to me, the doors it has opened for me, and the magic that it has revealed to me. Working with Clare before the mentoring hub undoubtly changed the course of my life. In a time of  deep and suffocating soul-contraction, fear, grief, pain- I found Clare and was welcomed with open arms into another realm of possibility. Clare is a master way-shower, embodying the ephemeral quality of infinite possibility in all that she does. This Reiki Mentoring Hub is a brilliant and beautiful safe container to explore ones’ magic and be witnessed in ones’ becoming. My heart BURSTS with awe and wonder at the souls who are part of this group. Clare’s vision is one of radical healing, truth, reconciliation, dismantling of oppressive and suffocating programming, compassion, non-judgement, and the return of one to their truth, their essence, their magic. I bow to Clare for this offering and I radiate gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible, transformative experience. If you feel drawn to this program, LISTEN to these is your soul calling you back home.

Aidan | Vancouver

Clare is a deeply intuitive person. Whether working with individual clients or in a group setting, she brings a holistic approach to wellness. Our relationship began as a professional one and grew into a personal one as well. Clare does not seem to differentiate between the two. She is as fully present in her work as in her relationships. Both a student and a teacher, Clare’s understanding of the many workings that relate to a person’s health and happiness is informed by years of study and practice. This practice seems to have heightened her self-awareness which now lends to her mindful coaching. She is a focused healer with a sense of humour that puts strangers at ease and that reflects empathy and compassion. 

Erica | Toronto

I am so sad this class is over. It has given me such a gift. There was some real magic of connection that surpassed time and space that was so important for me. THANK YOU for creating this container, holding it, guiding us, sharing your wisdom. I witnessed that anything could be brought into this class container and held with grace. It propelled my relationship with Reiki through some big portals. This class helped me to nurture my senses which I have pushed aside for so long, and learned to distrust and look to others for the answer. Your style of teaching, bringing your whole self honestly and the nurturing of your students was inspiring to help guide my own self to explore what is really showing up. Emotionally, mentally and also physically.  I can now trust that practicing Reiki can help deepen my connection with the world, through connection with another person, myself and also the land, water, etc. It's helping me listen and trust. So huge!  

Jordan | Toronto

Working with Clare has been a blessing. I completed Reiki Level 1 with Clare, and this was my first introduction into energy work. Clare offered much guidance and frequent check ins throughout the course. Definitely helped me move into areas that were difficult and encouraged me to explore beyond my comfort zone, which inevitably led to much growth. It helped to be seen and heard, and to also witness others on their journey. Thank you for creating this space and providing encouragement, guidance and for just being you.

Lucy | Toronto

Go see Clare Kenty, she will change you in such a fundamental way, you won’t even realize she is here to express your life’s work.

Nicole | Toronto

Clare Kenty is Magic. Went into a deep peace during our reiki session. Lying on a bed of amethyst (which I’d never done before), surrounded by a room full of my ancestors, and being with my intention- to continue to give my vulnerability a voice, to cultivate clarity and to “follow the love”. Feeling blessed and blissed. Finding new ways to nourish my aging body, so I can continue to serve and be a force for change. Thank you Clare.

Jill | Toronto

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