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Moving from Fall Equinox to Spring Equinox, this 7 month Mentorship Group will be a sacred container. One that will hold its participants as they and their offerings evolve and grow. 

Think of it as part ceremony, part mastermind. Part accountability, part cheerleading. Part (Reiki) practice and part development. This experience has been designed for those who work with (or are planning to work with) Reiki in their business or their side gig. Whether you are a therapist, astrologer, teacher, designer, service based practitioner, or nurturing your Reiki offerings while having a day job, this experience offers you community. If you need a sounding board, mentoring, inspiration, support through accountability or a space to share the realities of entrepreneurship, we are here for you.

There is power and nourishment in community. The Collaborative Mentorship is intended to be a space that holds Practitioners through the ebb and flow of personal and professional life. Holding space for what it takes to plant and grow seeds. 

All levels of Reiki are welcome. 

We gather for our virtual calls on the last Sunday of the month (except for December and March) from 11am to 12.30pm EST, September '23 through March '24. Meetings will be held on Zoom and will be recorded. Exact dates are as follows: Sept 24th, Oct 29th, Nov 26th, Dec 17th, Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Mar 24th.

The exchange:

As this is a beta group, this container will expand with us. In exchange for a place in the group, participants will be asked to fill out a feedback form towards the end of our time together.  

The investment:

$55 a month or $350 when you register.

  • If finances are a barrier, connect with me. I am holding 2 spots for accessibility.


What You Can Expect​

  • Monthly virtual meetings where we will nurture ideas and tap into the wisdom of community

  • Meditation and self practice

  • A sacred container for honest conversation and support

  • A Whatsapp Group with weekly check-ins

  • Practices to connect to our offerings and/or businesses

  • Assignments - not required, simply opportunities for inspiration

  • A resource page where you can replay recordings and find resources in one place

  • Access to a student library as I build it. Here you will be able to listen to Reiki meditations and practices and offer feedback.

  • One on One calls with me as needed for additional support. 


We gather as individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge


We understand that we all have something to offer 


We ask for what we need and remain open to receive


We listen actively and offer thoughts or advise only when asked


We respect one another and our work


We remember that there are many, many roles to assist in the breakdown and rebuild of our current society. 



Aidan | Toronto

The co-created journey was something truly magical to behold. I am in awe of every magical soul who gifted their love and energy to the group. Listening, watching, feeling, and being with them was healing on many levels. I felt like it was a place I could take off my mask, shields and armour I have become used to and just let my spirit be seen.


Lucy | Toronto

It's been a pleasure to be a part of the hub! Participating in it was so valuable - at a time when I was exploring new depth and dimension to life. For anyone who wants to been seen and witnessed on their journey to self, and to share space with magical light beams, this mentoring hub is for you : )


Daiva | Toronto

The space created was a circle that provided grounding during the start of an ever changing time. It was a sacred space where we were heard and could explore the deepest parts of ourselves with like minded individuals. The work begun with this group will continue to inform how I practice and live in this world. 

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