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If you have known me for a few years (think pre pandemonia) then you may remember the coaching and Reiki sessions I offered. They were beautifully intimate spaces where we have the space and time to connect. Clients shared what was on their minds and in their hearts and then were energetically held with Reiki. I found these sessions to be both supportive and powerful, deep and gentle.

After 3 1/2 years I am being called to offer these sessions again. They're a little different this time, but the essence is the same: Holding sacred space for honesty and healing. 

In these Support Sessions you will receive:

  • 90 virtual minutes together 

  • the first half is for sharing, the second, for meditation or relaxation while you receive Reiki

  • a recording of the meditation

  • upon registration you will be sent a pdf to help you prepare for our time together

Support Sessions are for you if you're:

  • feeling stuck

  • craving to be heard in your truth

  • wanting to rest and receive

  • needing space to hear yourself




What To Expect During Support Sessions


  • A 60 minute distance Reiki treatment combining Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® Reiki and Karuna Reiki® as guided.

  • A call or text message at the beginning of our session and a text message once the treatment has ended. 

  • To support your integration, session notes and additional resources are emailed to you within 48 (business) hours after your treatment.

  • Upon booking, you will receive a PDF on ways that you can support yourself before, during and after your Reiki treatment.

  • If you need to dicuss anything in the days after your treatment, you are welcome to schedule a 30 minute call with me (via phone or Zoom).

  • If booking 6 sessions or more intended for long term treatment, clients receive 10% off the total cost.

Remote Healing via Distance Reiki

As our Sessions take place virtually, you will be experiencing Reiki from the comfort of your own home. When you register, you will receive a preparation guide to support you in getting the most from our time together.

The benefits of Reiki are received whether the client is in person or not. Energy can move through time and space and for a level two Reiki practitioner (or Master), they have been taught techniques to offer distance healing. Clients have often reported feeling more comfortable and able to relax when they receive a distance Reiki treatment at home. During our Session you may experience (including but not limited to); total relaxation and/or sleep; feelings of weightlessness; feeling energized and mentally clear; emotional releases and/or having a sense of alignment with one's higher self and higher purpose. 


Before our session begins I will invite you to create a restorative space for yourself. This may include clearing your space, preparing meditation music, lighting a candle or incense, or having your sacred tools nearby. At our scheduled time, we will meet on Zoom and connect. Half way through we will break to relieve/replenish and then settle into the Reiki portion. I will lead you into meditation and then I will begin the Reiki. I will close the meditation when the treatment is complete, bring you back and offer space to share before we end our call. 

Within 48 (business) hours after the Support Session I will send you an email with notes and any resources that came up. Integration is an important part of the process and I invite clients to be gentle with themselves in the hours and days after the Reiki treatment. Drinking water, journalling, reflecting or meditating are all great ways to help the integration process. 

If you have any questions, you're most welcome to connect with me.

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While Reiki is complimentary and can be used in conjunction with many medical treatments, energy healing modalities including Reiki are not a substitute for medical care. The information and services offered are not for the purpose of substituting, replacing or contraindicating sound medical advice or medical care. The information and services offered are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical illness. If you have any concerns whatsoever, you are advised to contact a licensed physician or provider. 


"Clare Kenty is Magic. Went into a deep peace during our Reiki session at the Inner Arts Collective. Lying on a bed of amethyst (which I'd never done before), surrounded by a room full of my ancestors, and being with my intention - to cultivate clarity and to "follow the love". Feeling blessed and blissed. Finding new ways to nourish my aging body, so I can continue to serve and be a force for change. Thank you Clare."

"Clare has such a warm, loving, and welcoming spirit. She truly is a beautiful soul. Her passion for Reiki is evident by her ability to provide such a powerful and transformational experience. Clare has been able to help me through my healing process in indescribable ways. I am so grateful that our lives crossed paths. Thank you for all that you have provided me with. Thank you for being you, Clare!"

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